Offbeat Video

By Federico Cornetto

A fearless three-year-old skateboarder conquered a six-foot drop – more than twice her height.

Arya Griffin, from Singapore, has been skating since she was one, and is now capable of doing what most adults can’t.

In February this year, Arya learned to drop down a six-foot-tall half and glide up to the other side of the ramp without losing balance.

Arya’s father Marcus Griffin, who is a professional wakeboarder, says his daughter has grown up skating on the ramps in the family’s backyard.

Marcus said: “Arya has learned a lot from watching and skating with her older brother, Ryder, who is six.

“We encourage them to have fun, be brave and try their best.

“We strongly believe kids should be out having fun, playing sports and being active.

“We don’t believe in young kids using phones, video games or TV, so instead we encourage them to go outside and play and do sports.

“We are trying to instil in them a lifelong passion for playing sports, being active and not looking at a phone or tv screen all the time.

“As a result, we have seen both our kids excel at skateboarding and wakeboarding and they love it!

“Skateboarding in particular teaches many valuable life skills such as perseverance, discipline and focus, so even if they choose to do something else later, they will still have gained valuable life skills.”