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 By Ben Walley

 Is this the cutest fish ever? A happy Axolotl fish has been caught smiling at the camera in a series of snaps.

Kylie Flinn, 18, from Aberdeen, US, adopted her first fish, Rosie, 18 months ago, followed by Peanut, who she brought in February.

Pic by Caters News Agency

The teenager first came across Axolotls fish – which are also known as Mexican walking fish as they have four legs – on YouTube.

Kylie instantly fell in love with them and thought they were the cutest creatures she’d ever seen.

And after doing all her research, she set up a tank and found a local breeder.

Pic by Caters News Agency

Ever since adopting Rosie and Peanut, Kyle has been fascinated and has since set up an Instagram page dedicated to them.

Kylie said: “I saw someone who had them and I thought they were the cutest and most interesting aquatic creatures.

“Rosie is currently 10 inches long and may grow a little bit more.

Pic by Caters News Agency

“Peanut is five inches currently but has a long way to go. They can also live to be 10-15 years old!

“Their diet mainly consists of earthworms and I have some funny videos of Rosie slurping on them.”

Pic by Caters News Agency

But owning an Axolotls fish isn’t for the fainthearted and they need a lot of specialist care.

Kylie added: “Rosie and Peanut can be hard to take care of.

“They have very specific needs such as cold water, specific substrate, and a very, very clean environment.

Pic by Caters News Agency

“But, once you learn what they need and how to give them a healthy and happy life, they are a real treat to own!

“I absolutely love my fish and they’re so happy they look like they’re always smiling.”