Animals Video

By Katy Gill

This is the spine-chilling moment a tarantula moults its entire skin – appearing as though the creepy crawly has cloned itself.

Pic by Russel Battiss/Caters News

Russel Battiss, 28, from Johannesburg, South Africa, caught his spider shedding its skeleton on camera.

The curly haired tarantula, named Bover, can be seen creepily doubling, as if it transforms into two spiders.

However it is just an illusion – although it could send chills down anyone’s spine!

Pic by Russel Battiss/Caters News

His owner Russel adopted him two years ago, and keeps his three-year-old pet in a safe enclosure which is perfect for tarantulas to live.

Russel said: “It was amazing to see as he grows, he is shedding his exoskeleton to allow room for his increasing mass. It reminds me of a cray fish.

“Luckily I have kept him in the perfect environment for a tarantula. If the enclosure is not humid enough, spiders can get stuck whilst moulting and in some cases die.

Pic by Russel Battiss/Caters News

“It’s an extremely tiring process for a tarantula, believe it or not.

“People were surprised to see that a spider sheds its skin like a snake.”