Animals Video

By Nelson Groom

A US expat did a double take after spotting a kangaroo casually making its way down a busy inner-city Aussie road.

In footage that appears to prove the old cliché true, the marsupial road user can be seen bounding down Melbourne’s Heidelberg Road in hilarious footage.

Nicole Chapman, 31, said she it was par-for-the-course for Americans to joke about people Down Under riding roos to work – but she never expected to see this.

Nicole, who moved to Melbourne last year, said: “Every time I told people back home that I was moving they asked: ‘you gonna ride a kangaroo to work every day’?

Pic by Caters News

“I told them ‘it’s not like that, I’ll be in the city.’ Next thing I know, I see one hopping down the middle of the road towards us.

“I couldn’t believe my eyes, it’s the last place I thought I’d see crazy wildlife like that.”

The roo can be seen swiftly avoiding traffic as it takes off down the left-hand lane of the road.

The whereabouts of the roo is unknown and Nicole said she has yet to hear anything else about its fate.

Pic by Caters News

The sighting was much to the amusement of her partner Robert, who said it was priceless for the stereotype to be confirmed when Americans are present.

Nicole said: “He just kept hopping out of view like he had somewhere to be.

“It was such a great moment to witness and share with everyone back home.

“I wish he some vegemite or VB in his pouch, it would have completed the perfectly Austssie moment.

“My boyfriend was like: ‘after all this time denying we share our roads with roos, it turns out I was lying’!”