hairy baby

By Hannah Crocker

This adorable baby shocked her parents when she was born – after she came out with more hair than her DAD!

Hair-raising tot Jorgie Thistlethwaite was born with a massive mop of thick, dark hair.

Pic from Caters News 

Her flabbergasted parents, Claire and Luke, from Heysham, Lancs, had been told at an ultrasound she would be a hairy baby – but they had no idea just how hairy she really was.

The cute baby, now 11 months old, is often stopped in the street by strangers who are gobsmacked by her luscious locks – and people often think her bouncy hair has been professionally styled.

Mum-of-two Claire, 33, who works in IT, said: “At one of our later ultrasounds, the sonographer said they could see a lot of hair.

Pic from Caters News 

“I didn’t realise an ultrasound could pick up that much detail so I was quite taken aback, but it never crossed my mind that she’d actually be that hairy.

“We never imagined she’d come out with as much hair as she did!

“When she was born Luke had his summer haircut, which is shaved at the sides, and it almost looked like she had more hair than him!

“Jorgie came a month early so she was a shock delivery – but we couldn’t believe it when we saw her, she had such a full head of hair that you couldn’t see any scalp at all.

Pic from Caters News 

“My first daughter, Lucie, had a covering of hair when she was born, but nothing like Jorgie’s full head.

“The midwives couldn’t believe it – most of them had never seen such a hairy baby, and they all came down to see her because they wouldn’t believe it until they saw her for themselves.

“We always expected it to thin out as she got older, but it’s just grown and grown and got thicker and thicker.”

Claire said Jorgie gets her enviable locks from her dad, whose family all have very thick, dark hair.

Pic from Caters News 

Jorgie’s hair routine is time-consuming, and her hair is so full of volume that strangers think it has been styled by a hairdresser.

Claire can’t even nip to the shops without people staring in awe at her incredible barnet.

Claire said: “When Jorgie gets out of bed, she looks like she’s been dragged through a hedge backwards – it takes ages to brush in the morning, because her hair gets so knotty in the night.

“We have to clip her hair back, or it gets in her eyes – she’s very active, and she’s always shaking it out of her face.

“We’ve had to blowdry her hair since she was three months old, because it’s so thick and takes forever to dry.

“It adds a lot of time to her bedtime routine!

Pic from Caters News

“She doesn’t mind the brushing and the hairdrying though, I think she finds it quite soothing – as long as we’re not pulling at knots.

“Her hair is very high maintenance, she almost needs her own beauty parlour!

“She’s starting to get ringlets now, and people always think she’s had rollers put in it.

“Everyone’s so envious of her hair, and they think we’ve spent ages styling it – but it’s all natural.

Pic from Caters News

“We can’t leave the house without getting stopped – people are always so shocked to see a baby with so much hair, especially when they find out how old she is.

“Everyone thinks she must be at least two to have so much hair.

“I think sometimes people are a bit jealous of it – a lot of men with thinning hair always comment saying she’s got more hair than them!

“She hasn’t had a haircut yet, but it’s getting to the stage where we’re starting to think about it – but I’d like to keep it quite long as she gets older.”