By Kristiana Hall

A snapper’s stunning split second shot captures the moment lightning and a rainbow appeared to collide.

Latvian Jānis Paļulis has 10 years’ experience wielding a camera and used this skill to snap the storm over a clear green field in Bauska.

PIC FROM Janis Paulis / Caters News

His once in a lifetime result shows an extra bolt of lightning at the top of the rainbow, with the flash continuing underneath it before stopping in the middle of the sky.

Teacher Janis said photographing the phenomenon was a challenge but he was happy with the results.

The 25-year-old said: “I was chasing the lightning, because I really want to catch tornadoes and other exciting natural phenomena.

PIC FROM Janis Paulis / Caters News

“It can be hard – the hardest thing is knowing when stormy clouds are forecast and when you need to run away and keep safe.

“But I am satisfied with the results, my shots caught really interesting lightning moments.”