Animals Video

By Katy Gill

You done yet? Hilarious footage of one monkey poking around another’s bottom shows cleanliness has no barriers in the wild.

Food and beverage consultant and management partner at Safari Tulum, 32-year-old Mariano Gomez from Quintana Roo, Mexico.

Mariano shot the revealing video near Hampi village, India last month during an an eight month tour of India and Southeast Asia to learn how to teach yoga.

Mariano said: “The monkeys were being monkeys, I’m not sure what the situation was but this one monkey was really working on the other’s butthole and I found it really funny.

“Both monkeys seemed to really enjoy this chilled out butt poking time, sadly I’ve no idea of the social implications of the act

“I guess they were on their mission for at least some good ten or 15 minutes, I just recorded the last glimpse on video and as I approached they got a bit nervous and stopped when I got too close.

“I was on my own at the time and getting lost in that amazing place.

“They didn’t care about me really. There were lots of monkeys around playing with each other but this two were really focused on their task

“When I uploaded the video people found it really funny as expected and I laugh every time I watch it!”