Offbeat Video

By James Somper

This hilarious CCTV captures the world’s SLOWEST getaway as a trio of bungling thieves were caught carefully manoeuvring a £13,500 digger out of a zoo.

Fences were torn down and gates smashed during the break-in at Telford Exotic Zoo, which happened overnight between Monday and Tuesday this week.


But footage shows the masked burglars taking the utmost care to slowly drive the digger out of the zoo in Prioslee, Shrops, without realising every movement was being captured on CCTV.

The equipment was being used to build a disability friendly path at the struggling zoo, which hit the headlines last year when they were forced to fill their new £60,000 penguin enclosure with fake plastic birds after an avian malaria epidemic caused a national shortage of the animals.

Zoo owner Scott Adams, 35, said no animals were taken or harmed during the break-in but the theft had left them forced to fundraise to pay back  £13,500 debts for the cost of the hired digger.

He said: “I have never felt so helpless.

“We have been closed throughout January and have been trying so hard to make the zoo better.


“We have put all our money into laying disabled friendly paths around the whole zoo to be as inclusive as possible.

“But just before we were due to open on Saturday we have been broken into.

“The thieves stole a rented digger which has now put us in debt to £13,500 which we don’t have.

“It’s also left us possibly unable to finish with improvements in time, with no plant machinery on site.


“It’s also so demoralising knowing this has happened at our zoo which my staff and volunteers work so hard to make amazing.

“The one thing I can say which makes this situation better is then no animals were taken or harmed.”

The break-in has been reported to West Mercia Police.

Zoo staff are currently raising £15,000 for a replacement digger on GoFundMe. To donate: