By David Aspinall

Forget back of the net, this unsuspecting photographer suffered more back of the nut when he took a football shot straight to the groin.

As Jimmy Penna organised a photoshoot in Bermuda, he and his team had a chance to join in with a kickabout at their local contact’s child’s birthday on April 1.

Letting his attention drift, Jimmy begins talking to one of the spectators when one of the children dressed in a fluorescent T-shirt boots the ball from point blank range.

Unable to protect himself, the ball hits Jimmy directly in the crown jewels causing him to instantly fall to his knees before lying on his side.

Jimmy, from Milford, Connecticut, USA, said: “At the time it was painful but I found it funny.

“It was my own fault as I’d told the kids to kick the balls past me as I filmed some action shots for Snapchat.

“Our contact invited us to this party and they all treated us like family.

“The children taught us cricket and showed us their soccer skills.

“That one kid certainly has a career in the sport if he aimed to hit me there.”