Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

The beautiful moment a 100-year-old woman’s lifelong dream to dance with a ‘Mountie’ was fulfilled has been captured on camera.

For her birthday wish Elsie Shepherd, 100, asked staff at her care home in Saskatchewan, Canada, if they could invite the Royal Canadian Mounted Police [RCMP], known as ‘Mounties’ to attend her party.

Employees at Elmview Extendicare reached out to fulfil her wish and adorable footage captures the moment Elsie was greeted by four officers. 

The centenarian even had the chance to dance with one of the uniformed officials – and as the video shows, she couldn’t be happier. 

David Calam, of the RCMP Depot Division, said: “While at the party, Corporal Daryl Chernoff overheard Ms Shepherd telling someone she liked to dance.

“Cpl. Chernoff first asked Ms. Shepherd’s son for permission and then asked Ms. Shepherd for a dance. 

“The care home put on some music and the two of them hit the dance floor.”