Animals Video

By Neo Bye

A hilarious video shows a sneaky dog escaping into the kitchen over a DOUBLE baby gate.

Whilst at work, Cassy Milton locked her German Shorthaired Pointer, Oakley, in the kitchen.

Using two baby gates on top of each other, Cassy was confident that her pooch wouldn’t be able to get out.

However, when she returned home she saw her pooch roaming around and video footage proved how he escaped.

She said: “We started gating off this section of the house to keep it as a safe place to leave the dog.

“The breed is very intelligent and known to counter surf and can open doors etc.

“He’s done this once before, and that’s why we decided to set up the camera – so we could see how he did it.

“This problem was fixed as soon as it happened because we didn’t want him to cause himself damage.

“I thought it was funny at the same time as feeling like he was going to give me a heart attack!”