By Jack Williams

This stunning property offers homebuyers the chance to own a WHOLE ISLAND – if they are willing to shell out a whopping $4 million AUD (£2.4 million).

1 Garden Island, measuring 4.1 acres and located between two and three hours from Sydney, comes with its own buggy, boat and car.

PIC FROM McGrath Estate Agents / Caters News

Stamped onto the luscious green plot is a two-bedroom main residence and an accompanying guesthouse.

Because of the way the main property has been designed, each room offers breathtaking views of the surrounding water, and its open plan allows light to flood in.

PIC FROM McGrath Estate Agents / Caters News

To reach the property, individuals can take a drive north from Sydney to Port Stephens and North Arm Cove, before travelling on a roughly 10-minute boat ride over the Karuah River to the private island.

PIC FROM McGrath Estate Agents / Caters News

Should the millionaire buyer not wish to take regular trips via this method, there is also enough space on the island to introduce a helipad.

Accordingly to the listing agent, McGrath, interested buyers must make an offer on the guidance price before May 7.

So far, agent Adrian Culpin said, interest in the property has been “insane,” especially from locals around Sydney and Newcastle.

Adrian has also received called from the United States, Fiji and Hong Kong, with potential buyers showing interest in an island that has only hit the market twice since 1885, according to reports.

PIC FROM McGrath Estate Agents / Caters News

This interest has been in both a residential and commercial sense, as some have inquired about living on the island, while others have mentioned holiday letting, a honeymoon retreat and using the property as a B&B.

PIC FROM McGrath Estate Agents / Caters News

All amenities on the island are taken care of, as the current home was built in 2003, and features its own water storage, solar electricity and environmentally-friendly waste water system.

Adrian said: “There are very few places in the world where you can watch the sun come up in the east over the water and also set over the west, again over the water.

PIC FROM McGrath Estate Agents / Caters News

“Also, on top of this, you are isolated from neighbours, due the island’s location, but you are not cut off from the world.

“It’s only a 10-minute boat ride to Nelson Bay and a selection of quality restaurants, or simply to pick up supplies.

“I really hope that the buyer of Garden Island will really appreciate how amazing their purchase is.

PIC FROM McGrath Estate Agents / Caters News

“It is so rare to have an island paradise, so accessible via car, boat and helicopter all within a two to three hour drive from Sydney.”