Video Viral

By Neo Bye

The painful moment a pole dancer was left with concussion after falling onto her head has been captured on camera. 

Dineke MInten, who has been practicing pole dancing for five years, has showcased her most epic fails by putting together a video compilation which show dozens of her falls.

But the final few seconds of her video show Dineke’s worst fall – something that left her with concussion.  

It shows the pole dancer awkwardly landing on her head while trying to perform a trick. 

Dineke, 28, from Lieshout, Netherlands, said: “Some people have been pretty shocked by the video. 

“After the fall where I landed on my head my friend forced me to go to the hospital. 

“I did this trick over 500 times and I felt super confident in it. 

“It was quite hot that day, I’m pretty that’s the reason I lost grip on my leg. 

“I dropped on purpose but I was supposed to catch myself with my legs.

“I was left with concussion, a swollen forehead and a light wrist injury. 

But Dineke, who filmed the footage on May 13, didn’t allow her fall to put her off from trying it again. 

She added: “I was alone and forced myself to do the trick again after my fall, since nationals was just two weeks away and I had to do this trick at four meters high. 

“I did it few more times, and recorded the video again. And I’m really happy I did that, I got in the competition and it’s get better; I won! 

“I became world champion ultra pole this July in Tarragona.”