By Mikey Jones

This stunning collection of photographs reveals the lengths adrenaline junkies will go to in order to obtain the perfect snap on a world-famous landmark – but all is not what it seems.

Caught on camera at Trolltunga in Norway, a precipice of rock jutting out over a sheer cliff and picturesque lake, are thrill seekers performing incredible backflips, handstands, yoga poses – and QUEUEING.

PIC BY Trolltunga Adventures / CATERS NEWS: people queue to take a photo on the Trolls Tounge

The iconic landmark, a flat cliff edge 700 metres from the ground which translates to ‘Troll’s Tongue’ in English, sticks horizontally out of a mountain on the north side of Lake Ringedalsvatnet.

But it has now become such a hotspot for Instagram posers desperate to get their dream shot that ‘behind the scenes’ photos show hour-long queues of tourists snaking down the rock formation as they patiently wait their turn.