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By Lauren Campbell.

With a hop, skip and a SOMERSAULT this adorable footage of an elephant calf taking it’s first steps will melt your heart.

Encouraged by the older siblings in the herd, the infant showed pure determination to get to it’s feet.

After 30 minutes of failed attempts, the wobbly Elle was up, allowing the herd to slowly move off stopping every now and then to allow the calf a short breather.

The comical moment was caught on camera by safari guide, Brendan Cole, at The Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa.

Caters News

Brendan said: “We had arrived minutes after the actual birth. The youngster was still on the ground and the mother was throwing dust on herself as well as the youngster to mask the scent of the birth so that no predators were attracted.

“There was this one time where he fell over and gave off this screeching sound almost in frustration which was quite comical.

 Caters News 

“On one occasion he did a forward somersault which triggered an out burst of laughter from the safari guests.

“Being there to witness the elephant calf’s first steps was one of the highlights of my guiding career, it is something I will cherish for the rest of my life.”