Offbeat Video

By Jack Williams

Forget Rudolph and his eight companions – in this eye-catching clip, Santa can be seen taking flight with an entire FLOCK OF GEESE.

Sat in his microlight and flying through the skies near Saint-Flour Airfield, Massif Central, France, Santa was joined by the giant V of geese, who travelled alongside him during his journey


The videographer and pilot is Christain Moullec, who has been flying with his geese in his microlight for a number years, while Christian’s friend, Jacky Herbert, dressed as Santa.

Christian captured the amazing scenes on this month, and in total there were 14 geese that decided to join the pair for the flight.

Christian said: “It was important to offer the most beautiful gift to Santa Claus: a flight with birds, free in the sky. 

“I had this idea that Santa Claus thinks that his reindeer are not as easy to fly with as my birds and that my flying birds are more beautiful than his reindeer.

“When I fly with birds, I am a like bird allowed in the sky by a very strange force. 


“It’s definitely great.”

Christian, from Cantal in France, first starting flying with birds back in 1995 in a bid to migrate them to areas where they were well protected, helping to stop their numbers declining.

Since then, he has dedicated his life to raising and training orphaned geese and helping birds on the brink of extinction. 

Christian, dubbed “Birdman,” admitted it was a very long and difficult process encouraging the birds to fly with him but said he loved sharing his unique flying experience with others.

The Frenchman encourages passengers on his microlight to reach out and touch the birds mid-flight [].


He added: “I fly with different species of birds – geese, swans and cranes. 

“The most fascinating thing is that the birds in flight are amazing and that these birds follow me as a guide.

“I must therefore be the spokesperson for birds to tell the human world that it is urgent to protect migratory birds.”