Video Viral
By Neo Bye
This ‘Jackass’ wannabe gets inside a trolley and lets his brother push him into a wall at full speed.
Shot in 2012, 30 year old performance driver Nathan Atunes, and his brothers, from Sydney, Australia, were messing around inside a multi-story car park when they decided to imitate a ‘Jackass’ style stunt.
Nathan said: “My brothers and I thought it was a great idea doing something crazy that you’d only see on Jackass.
“It started off as planking on a moving shopping trolley.
“We just started to make it crazier and crazier like competitive brothers do.
“Once the trolley was moving you can see the realisation in the face of my brother in the trolley that it probably wasn’t a good idea.
The prank looked dangerously fast, in what looks like an easy way to get a couple of broken legs, which luckily didn’t happen to the unfortunate prank doer.
Nathan said: “luckily he wasn’t hurt, the front basket style compartment acted as an absorption barrier and flexed to soften the impact.
“You can see at the end of the full length video that it had completely bent.
“He was shocked and relieved that he wasn’t hurt after.”
The video created quite a stir online, with nearly two and a half thousand views.
Nathan said: “Everyone has gone crazy after seeing this video and couldn’t stop watching it.