By Jamie Smith

This adorable gallery proves Santa Paws really is coming to town with a roundup of the UK’s most festive pets.

Photo sharing site Photobox encouraged owners to share the yuletide spirit with their four-legged and finned friends.

One who stood out was adorable Indigo, a Dalmatian covered head to paw in tinsel and sporting her very own Christmas tree glasses.

But prize for the best dressed went to tortoise Mikey-Geoff, a slow mover who stood out from the crowd by donning a cosy Santa hat over his hard shell.

Rory Scott, head of communications at Photobox, said: “We know the nation loves its pets and many of us have an affinity with dressing them up in clothing to take photographs.

“Our pawsome gallery captures that.

“From rabbits and tortoises in Santa hats, cats hiding in Christmas trees and horses wrapped in tinsel – we received lots of adorable entries showing how the nation and its pets get into the festive spirit!”

PIC FROM Photobox/Caters News 

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