Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto and Aliki Kraterou

A starving kitten has received help from a kind-hearted farmer who fed it his cow’s milk.

Arif Yilmaz, 44, from Trabzon, Turkey, found the animal in the street last month, alone and freezing in the snow.

He brought into his house and soon realised it had an unusual taste for cow’s milk.

The kitten has now been with Arif for a month, and in the video taken earlier this month [December 3] it can be seen enjoying the warm beverage straight out the cow’s udders.

Arif said: “When I went to milk the cows in the morning, it came up to me and its stomach started growling.

“I wondered exactly how it would react to drinking the cow’s milk.

“The reaction was good so I kept milking the cow.”

Arif named the kitten Sarica.

He said: “Sarica has been around for 30 days and almost every morning when I go to the barn I feed her.

“I already have eight cats, I love animals and I love taking care of them.”