Animals Video

By Curtis Mitchell

This is the terrifying moment an elephant bluff charged at a group of tourists – before stopping at the last minute.

Retailer John Lucas, 47, was visiting the Kynsa Elephant Park in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, with his wife when they captured the scary incident on camera. 

John said the animal heard the trio visitors laughing and wasn’t used to the noise so went over to have a closer look – but made sure everything was safe by bluff charging first. 


But as the group stood their ground and refused to move, the elephant suddenly slowed as it got closer to them. 

John said: “We had stayed behind after the tourist bus left, so it was just us and the guide. 

“We were talking and laughing, which is what attracted the elephant’s attention, as it was something it wasn’t used to.

“When he started charging I held my camera to the midriff. 

“I wasn’t sure if it was switched on or not but I didn’t want to move. 


“Our guide whispered to the elephant as it approached and told us not to move, which was quite hard to do – my wife even hid behind the guide. 

“After the video ended, the elephant stared at us for a bit.

“But because we weren’t joining in, it ran off into a herd of zebras.”