Animals Video

By Federico Cornetto

A wolf has attacked the man attempting to rescue it from the wire fence it was stuck in.

It happened on November 7 as Italian cyclist, Carmine Germano was on an outing on the Abatone mountain in the Rome province.

The brave man noticed the animal desperately trying to free itself from the wire and decided to give it help.

However, things didn’t go as intended as the wolf made a quick turn to try and bite Carmine.

Thankfully, he leaped back just in time to avoid getting hurt.

Carmine said: “When I saw the animal from a distance, I thought it was a dog, or maybe a boar, but as I got closer I noticed its size, its bristly fur and its wide mouth and realised it was a wolf.”

He added: “In hindsight, I did a very stupid thing.

“I thought it would just run away once it got free, but then it tried to bite me, I felt scared and walked off.

“Fortunately, I had loosen the wire enough for the wolf to free itself, I saw it running away a few seconds after I left.”

According to Carmine, the poor animal had been stuck in the fence all night, and the wounds on its leg were so deep that you could see the bone.

Carmine said: “I often cycle through these mountains and I’ve encountered many animals, boars and dogs, but this was my first encounter with a wolf.

“They are nocturnal animals, so I presume this one got caught in the fence at night and it was only in the morning that I found it.

“Really I should have called for some help instead of trying to set it free, but I did what my instincts told me and I am glad the wolf was okay in the end.”