Video Viral

By Kim Reader

A mum believes her little girl has captured the ghost of her grandad SPEAKING to her from beyond the grave in a Snapchat video.

Madelyne Jones, three, was filming herself on her mum Katie Mercer’s phone when a male voice can be heard despite no men living or being in their home.

In the spooky footage, Madelyne has a harlequin filter over her face and speaks into the camera saying ‘a cheeky, little’ before pausing as though she’s thinking.

While the tot stopped to mull over her next word, a male voice can clearly be heard prompting Madelyne, saying the word ‘monkey’ which the little girl then repeats.

After hearing the voice and ‘freaking out’, 24-year-old Katie showed the video to her mum Sarah Mercer, 49, who immediately identified it as her late husband Peter Mercer.

Peter, who was nicknamed ‘Peter Pan’ by his friends and family, sadly passed away from throat cancer at age 63 when Madelyne was just five months old.

Full-time mum-of-two Katie, of Penmaenmawr, Conwy, North Wales, said: “Madelyne likes to take videos of herself on my phone.

“This time she was using a filter but it’s not a voice changing filter. It’s her voice you can hear for most of the video.

“I didn’t hear the man’s voice until the fifth time I’d replayed the video.

“Madelyne starts off saying ‘a cheeky, little’ and then she paused like she’s thinking.

“I think she paused because recently she overheard me saying ‘cheeky, little b****’ on the phone. I think she wanted to repeat it but knew she’d get in trouble if she said the b-word.

“While she’s paused you can hear a male voice say ‘monkey’ like he’s prompting her. Then Madelyne says ‘monkey’.

“The man’s voice and what he’s saying is so clear. It’s crazy. When I first heard it I really freaked out.

“I showed the video to my mum and she instantly said it sounds like my dad. Quite a few people have said the same since then.

“It is a bit freaky but I really do believe it’s him and it’s so comforting to know he’s with her and looking after her.”

This video isn’t the first hint Katie has had that her dad might be watching over Madelyne.

The little girl often tells her mum about a ghost in the house and instead of playing with her little sister Louisa Jones, two, sits alone chatting away in one-sided conversations.

When Madelyne’s mum asks her what she’s up to, the tot replies that she’s ‘playing with grandad’.

Katie said: “There have been a few things that have gone on before this. Madelyne would tell me about a ghost going up and down the stairs at night.

“I tried to tell her it’s just the house going to sleep because that’s what my dad used to tell me but she replied ‘no, it’s the ghost who sleeps in my bedroom’. That really freaked me out.

“Then recently I noticed that instead of playing with Louisa, Madelyne has started playing alone and she’ll have these one-sided conversations.

“It’s not like she has an invisible friend. She actually stops as if she’s listening to someone replying to her.

“When I’ve asked her what she’s doing, she tells me she’s playing with grandad.

“My dad passed away when Madelyne was just five months old so she’s too young to remember him.

“He did get to meet her after she was born. He loved every bone of her.

“Everyone called my dad Peter Pan because he was so outgoing and young at heart. People never would have thought he’d go, especially not as young as he did.”

While some people have been sceptical about the video, it has made Katie a firm believer in the paranormal.

Katie said: “Some people have said the voice sounds robotic and that the video is edited but I don’t even know how to edit videos.

“I used to be the same. I was so sceptical when people would tell me about their paranormal experiences.

“But after listening to this video and hearing my dad, I really do believe. It’s made me so much more open-minded.”