Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

Struggling to wrap Christmas gifts? This dog trainer has the perfect answer to all of your problems.

Amber Aquart, 26, a professional pooch trainer from Cambridge, Massachusetts shared the hilarious moment she decided to gift wrap her adorable four-legged companion, Oakley.

Speaking about the incident, Amber said: “Oakley is a very special dog, he’s the goofiest and sweetest dog you will ever meet. 

“I adopted him at the age of one and a half and he’s around 5 years old now – he gets called “the big red mutt” as he’s a mixed breed.

However, this isn’t Oakley’s first brush with fame – he is actually a stunt dog AND animal actor, appearing in multiple films and commercials.

“Oakley has been training with me since the day I adopted him, he does have a rock-solid stay – but he is also a super cuddly dog.

“This is just him being his usual silly and cuddly self. I didn’t even have to ask him to stay, he just loved getting dressed up and being bundled in blankets.”