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By Josh Saunders

A fantasy fanatic spent over $80,000 (65kGBP) to become a ‘space elf’ has underwent surgery to refine his loose skin, give him cat eyes and a custom-made elf face lift.

Luis Padron, 27, was left with his face swollen-up like a ‘balloon’ and looked like a ‘watermelon’ while he healed from the $18,000 (14kGBP) of operations. 

MANDATORY BYLINE Ezequiel Spadaro / CATERS NEWS: Recent surgery altered his eyes to give them an almond cat like appearance, and surgeries to reduce the loose skin around his face and make the skin tighter

One of the procedures uses thread to alter the shape of his eyes to give them an almond or cat shape, which can be adjusted to look more extreme or normal.

He also had loose skin around his neck refined and tightened over two operations so that it clings close to his jawline, in addition to minimising the appearance of wrinkles.

Luis was relieved to have the skin altered after struggling to deal with its sagginess following a jaw reconstruction in Korea to give him a diamond shaped face.

Now he’s fully healed and sporting his fresh youthful face, following the work from Dr. Gonzalo Garcia and Dr. Gustavo Miño, of Sein Medicina Estetica.

These are the most recent of his ops that total more than $80k (65kGBP) and range from rhinoplasties to dangerous eye colour changes, hair implants, and more.

MANDATORY BYLINE Ezequiel Spadaro / CATERS NEWS: Recent surgery altered his eyes to give them an almond cat like appearance, and surgeries to reduce the loose skin around his face and make the skin tighter

Luis, from Buenos Aires, Argentina, said: “I looked like a balloon on the first day after surgery but now I’m so happy.

“My face will look a lot thinner now because you will be able to see my new bone structure, I look a lot more exotic.

“I want to achieve my dream of being an elf like creature, a fantasy being. I want my face to look like a work of fiction, such as elves, vampires, angels, or aliens. 

“I want my features to look sharp and otherworldly, as well as young and youthful.

“My plans for the future more angles and sharpness on my face, through implants and injections.

PICS BY LUIS PADRON / CATERS NEWS: He described it as the most painful procedure to date

“It’s my own view of beauty so I’m happy to look like that. I know I can sound crazy for some people, but I am a plastic surgery model, that’s what we do. It’s not different from people who covers their entire body with tattoos or get piercings all over.

“Being a plastic surgery model means that doctors and hospitals offer you surgeries in exchange of advertising. I usually pick up the ones with best reviews, and only procedures that I really need. I must be careful with that or I can end up in coma one day.

“People want to take selfies with me all the time and want to replicate my look. I am not sure if that’s a good thing, I know that what I do is dangerous, and I want people to stay out of trouble. This is not for everybody.

“But nevertheless, I encourage people to follow their dreams. Good luck and fortune await those who are patient, kind, and strive.

“At the moment I feel I look too normal and will continue to alter myself from bleaching my skin and hair, changing my eye colour and more.”

PICS BY LUIS PADRON / CATERS NEWS: Luis is trying to transform into a real life elf and fantasy being

Luis has been determined to transform himself into a fantasy being since his teen years – sourcing inspiration from films like The Labyrinth and The NeverEnding Story.

Always considered ‘weird’ and an ‘outcast’ in high school, he found popularity after embracing his penchant otherworldly things.

Now he dreams of embodying that fantasy vision as he considers it beautiful.

As part of fulfilling the dream, he hopes to prevent the aging process, which he hopes these most recent surgeries will have achieved.

Luis said: “I don’t mind looking grown-up, but I want to look like a fantasy and am happy looking exotic as that’s my own perception of beauty.

“My other surgeries will aim to stop my face from aging, while I can’t be stopped forever it will prevent against that a lot.

“They used a drill to make tiny holes below my eyes in the skull and pulled everything up.

PICS BY LUIS PADRON / CATERS NEWS: 17 years old – Luis says he always felt like an outcast, with many people not understanding why he died his hair eccentric colours and dressed in an unusual way – but over time people began to appreciate who he was due to his obsession with fantasy and becoming an elf

“Because it took so much time to operate on them, my eyes went dry and when I woke up it felt like sharp razors in my eyes.

“Two days later I was like a watermelon or a balloon, my head was huge but later the swelling went down and now I am amazed by the results.”

Dr. Gonzalo Garcia and Dr. Gustave Mino have been working with Luis to help him construct his own fantasy image.

Dr. Garcia said: “It’s another step for Luis’s goal, the first two were the main surgeries.

“We needed to arrange the tissue below the bone to get the real and smooth shape, a lot of tissue did not correspond with his bone.

“We made some little cat eyes, so he can seem elegant from the appearance of his eyes.

PICS BY LUIS PADRON / CATERS NEWS: He described it as the most painful procedure to date

“The other procedure was about trying to fix the tissue and halt aging, we fix the tissue to the bone near the eye so you can treat the appearance and look of aging.

“We also performed what we call the elf lift to give him an appearance he wants.

“We pull the tissue in a way so that he can seem more like an elf and fantasy character.”

Luis is a part of the Plastics of Hollywood talent agency, dubbed the ‘real-life doll house’ for people who have altered themselves through surgery.

Managed by Marcela Iglesias, of Los Angeles, California, it also features Justin Jedlica, Pixie Fox, Jennifer Pamplona, Bryan Ray, Nikki Exotika and many more.

Marcela said: “Luis is a perfectionist in everything he does, surgically it has been a success to this point and he has been happy with the results.

“But I believe he shouldn’t do any more surgery, the look of the elf has been achieved, according to his standards.

“I know he wants to keep perfecting the look but as a friend and his manager I beg him to stop at this point and give thanks to god that everything has gone according to plan.

“I do not implore anyone to do plastic surgery, that’s a decision, he looks amazing and has a bright future.


Rhinoplasty x 2

Jowl liposuction

Eye colour change x 5


Face lift x 3


V-line jaw surgery

Vampire hair implant


Facial Harmonization

Elf ears

Threads on cheek bones

Eternal youth anti-age lift

Las depilation

Skin bleaching (laser, injections and creams)

Cinderella injections