Offbeat Video

By Kristiana Hall

Incredible videos and pictures show the moment a man paramotors over the Pyramids of Giza – giving a unique birds eye view of the beautiful structures.

Nicolas Aubert, 21, from Malaga, Spain, is a professional paramotor with more than ten years’ experience and took the incredible trip last month. 

Nicolas Aubert / Caters News

Having started gliding at the tender age of seven, Nicolas now competes internationally as well as participating in exhibitions across the globe.

Speaking about the stunning set of images and video he filmed, the Spanish native said: “Freedom is one of the words to describe how I feel when flying.

Nicolas Aubert / Caters News

“Here, I was in Cairo flying over the historical monuments which were constructed 5000 years ago!

“The clips give a birds eye view of the structures which continue to surprise people to this day.”

Nicolas Aubert / Caters News