Animals Video

By Kristiana Hall 

A young lion has almost become prey after being isolated by a herd of hungry buffaloes. 

While driving through Nairobi National Park, Kenya, Lamak Sheikh, 56, captured the rare moment on camera. 

PIC FROM Lamak Sheikh/Caters News

Witnessing a lion surrounded by a herd of water buffalo, the young male appeared angered by his precarious predicament on November 3. 

It’s known that a buffalo herd of such size has the potential to kill a lion – especially if they see the animal as a threat.

Lamak said; “I was driving when I saw a herd of buffaloes blocking the road.

PIC FROM Lamak Sheikh/Caters News

“I saw a young lion on top of the marker post surrounded by buffaloes.

“It was my lucky day indeed as this is a rare event.

“I immediately stopped the car and started taking photos.

*PIC FROM Lamak Sheikh/Caters News

“Luckily for the young lion, his two aunts were in the vicinity heard his roars and came to his rescue.

“They distracted the buffaloes and he managed to escape from the top of the marker post.”