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By Bilal Kuchay

An Indonesia boy born with a physical condition walks on his hands for three kilometres every day to school.

Mukhlis Abdul Holik, eight-years-old, is a class third student in Public Elementary School in Cibadak village in Sukabumi Regency in the West Java province of Indonesia.

The boy can’t walk or stand on his feet as he was born with an unknown condition in both his legs.

But he didn’t let the condition become an obstacle for him and instead learnt to walk on his hands.

Visuals show Mukhlis wearing slippers in his hands, walking through a difficult terrain to reach his school, located at a distance of three kilometres from his house.

His mother, Pipin, says: “Mukhlis was born prematurely. He had physical disability in both his legs and doctors said that he can’t walk.

Pic by Riau Images/ CATERS NEWS

“It was a very sad moment for us.”

At the age of four, Mukhlis told his parents that he wants to go to school. But it wasn’t easy for the parents to send him school as there is no local bus service from his village.

Pipin said: “I was confused what to do. The school was three kilometres far from our house and has no bus service. My son can’t also use a wheelchair given the hilly terrain of our village.

Pic by Dedy Sutisna/ Riau Images/ CATERS NEWS

“My other fear was that the school will not accept my child due to his disability.

“But the school happily gave admission to Mukhlis. His hands became his feet.

Though the boy is loved by his teachers and friends at school, his mother says that on the way, some children do bully him which makes him very sad.

Pic by Riau Images/ CATERS NEWS

“Sometimes on the street he is bullied by children when they see him crawl. But at school he has never experienced bullying.”

Mukhlis loves to watch soccer and play chess with his friends and siblings at home.

He said: “I want to climb rocks but professionally it is my dream to become a firefighter. I want to help people.”

Pic by Riau Images/ CATERS NEWS

With his determination to get education despite the physical limitations, Mukhlis has become an inspiration for his friends at school.

His friend, Tisa Jasmin Agustiani, said: “He is very smart. He learns things quickly and is very disciplined. He is an inspiration for me and I’m happy to have him as my friend.”

His teachers say that the boy is very enthusiastic and never feels inferior to anyone.

Pic by Riau Images/ CATERS NEWS

“Despite his physical disability, he doesn’t give up. He doesn’t miss school even on rainy days.

“He is very enthusiastic and actively participates in school activities. We all are proud of him,” said Mukhlis’s teacher, Euis Khodijah.