Video Viral

By Federico Cornetto

A woman has been filmed nonchalantly going down on all fours to stretch her back out in the middle of a flight to San Diego.

On November 21, on a United Airlines plane, the confident lady decided she would take up three seats on in order to perform the cat and cow yoga positions.

According to Seth Roberts, who filmed her, the woman was travelling on her own. 

Her yoga routine lasted a good minute as she was undisturbed by other passengers.

Seth said: “It was like no one else really seemed to care what was going on there or they chose to ignore the scene. 

“My first reaction was just to laugh a little in my head, but I couldn’t stop watching. 

“The woman didn’t say anything to me the entire flight, and she did not notice me filming her.”

Seth added: “At first I felt bad about sharing the clip once it started getting popular but then again the woman is anonymous. 

“My intent isn’t to shame anyone. 

“Some of my friends who are into yoga loved it.”