By Jamie Smith

This defiant elephant clearly wasn’t ready for his close up – whipping up a huge dust cloud to hide his face from a photographer.

The huge mammal turned his back and ran away from snapper Julia Sundukova, and even used his trunk to throw some sand over his face and ensure the 31-year-old didn’t get the shot she wanted.

Pic by Julia Sundukova/Caters News

Julia, from Moscow, was on the plains of Western Kilimanjaro in Tanzania when she came across the camera shy elephant.

She said: “My friend, who knows Africa inside out, kept saying to me, that I must get some photos of elephants with Kilimanjaro in the background.

Pic by Julia Sundukova/Caters News 

“Finally I visited Western Kilimanjaro Park but this particular elephant not only moved so fast that he didn’t give me chance to take a photo with him and Kilimanjaro, but also covered his sweet face with dust.

“I like this series – they’re not the classic elephant with Kilimanjaro pictures, but they’re good fun.”