Nature Viral

By Randal Coombs

A man has filmed the moment he paramotored over the damage caused by an earthquake. 

Chris Reynolds, of Big Lake, Alaska, flew over the catastrophic damage caused by the quake in Alaska on November 30.

Filming the devastation three days later, Chris’s raw footage show the dramatic damage from above. 

Chris said: “I flew and filmed this three days after the Alaskan 7.2 Earthquake.

“I wanted to get a birds eye view of the dramatic damage that the quake caused just a few miles from my residence. 

“I needed only to fly just above tree tops and fly around a mile to get her from my launch and landing zone.”

The damage stretched a staggering 120 yards long – with the cracks five or six feet deep. 

Chris added: “There was major infrastructure damage to a large area in the south central area of Alaska Including the roads buildings and bridges.

“It’s a big mess to clean up.”