By Jamie Smith

An intrepid photographer was stunned to spot the face of HER MAJESTY in a huge storm cloud.

Jan Sedlacek, 39, took the incredible snaps after spotting the huge thunder cloud in Malvern, Worcs last month.

Pic by Jan Sedlacek/Caters News

But it was only when editing the images in the early hours of the morning he spotted the regal face of a queen – complete with crown – looking back at him.

Jan, who has been a professional photographer for the last 11 years, said the optical illusion struck him because of its similarity to the portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on coins.

Jan said: “I saw the cloud throwing a massive shade on the landscape an hour before sunset.

“As the light illuminated it, it created a monster of a cloud in the sky – throwing an epic shadow but also generating dramatic storm light.

Pic by Jan Sedlacek/Caters News

“I had been travelling down from the hills after picking my son up from school, and it was him who first pointed out it looked like a face.

“Later, when I was editing the shots at 2am, I started to see the face of a queen, like the portrait you would see on a coin.

“I called her ‘Her Majesty, Queen of the Clouds’.”

Jan, who is also a landscape artist, said his image has racked up hundreds of likes and shares on social media for its regal resemblance.

But he admitted residents under the cloud may not have been so happy – as despite the rainbows visible in the images, it brought with it hail and rain.

He added: “Lots of people have said they can see a queen and it’s incredible.

Pic by Jan Sedlacek/Caters News.

“I love clouds, and this was such an absolutely unique cloud formation.

“It is not often you have these storm cloud shapes in the clouds over England.

“This one was travelling at a fair distance, but close enough to make an impact.

“On my side there was sunshine and rainbows, the queen was just travelling by.

“But I heard from people in Evesham, under the cloud, they had a proper storm.”