By Sarah Francis

An overweight woman who was “fat shamed” by her own doctor has lost 10 stone in time for her wedding.

Marine Dessymoulie, 29, had reached 140kg (22stone) in 2015 when her doctor commented on her XL frame.


He asked her if her husband ‘liked her like that’, and if she was ‘fed up of being fat’.

Although she was upset by his harsh words, she decided to turn her life around.

She ditched her junk food diet and started cooking at home, helping her to slim to 79kg (12st).

Then, last December, when Marine’s boyfriend Kevin popped the question, she said yes, and set a new goal of 70kg (11st) for the wedding next June.

Marine, who lives in Paris, said: “I was always overweight I was a very greedy.

“My parents always tried to put me on a diet but it didn’t work.

“When I moved in with my boyfriend we ate fast food several times a week at McDonald’s or Subway.

“I didn’t really care about my food. I was already fat, all my life I had been fat.


“I didn’t count my calories but I ate way too much. I ate junk food every week. And I would eat between meals and I eat again with my boyfriends. I ate all the time.”

Her food addiction made her feel isolated and stopped her from living a normal life.

She said: “It was very hard for me being over weight.

“I didn’t do anything, even to walk was ordeal.


“I didn’t wear normal clothes. Every day I would wear the same top and every day the same jeans.


“I was scared about simple things like sitting on subway, or just hang out with my friends.

“I was afraid of not being able to fit on the rides at Disneyland, I thought I would break the safety bar.

“I was eating and isolating myself from others from shame.

“I didn’t want to be the fat girl, but I was.”


In February 2015, she started to lose weight after having a medical appointment for work.

She said: “My turning point was when the doctor began to ask me questions about my weight.

“He said, ‘are you not fed up of being fat?’ and, ‘does your husband like you like that?’

“He even offered me weight loss surgery.

“I was angry, sad and ashamed – a mixture of all possible feelings.”

The next day, Marine went to a nutritionist and her weight loss journey began.


She said: “Today we eat a balanced diet of lot of vegetables and fruits and all home cooked food.

“My goal is 70 kg for my wedding in 2018 June. My fiance is happy for me and proud of what I have accomplished.

“I’ve had negative comments before and I am strong person, so I am now glad of the doctor’s attitude, but maybe another person would have very badly reacted. In the end it was good for me.”


She added: “Now I’m just alive, the woman I just want to be. I feel free – I can wear what I want, run and jump and and dance with my friends and I’m not ashamed.”