Animals Video

By Neo Bye 

This clever pooch knows how to keep his owner happy… By collecting beer and wine from the fridge. 

Owner, Erich Quist, 35, filmed his dog, Pilot – who is a Cattle Dog – collecting items from his fridge in exchange for treats on November 24. 

The designer from Oregon, Portland, US, says he has been collecting beer, wine and water from the fridge for around five years. 

He added: “He’s able to get any type of drink from the fridge. 

“His name was picked out before I even got him, and I think it’s an appropriate name for a smart dog. 

“Pilot has been getting the drinks from the fridge for about five years now. 

“He is the only pet in our house with a talent as our cat, named Copilot, isn’t able to retrieve anything.”