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By Jasmine Kazlauskas and Neo Bye

A brave baby wallaby has been hailed a hero after getting PUNCHED IN THE FACE while attempting to break up a feisty fight between two older male wallabies on an Australian beach.

After witnessing the violent brawl between the two larger males, a brave little joey named Charlie was filmed heroically trying to break up the fight – but ended up getting mercilessly socked in the face instead. 

PIC FROMSamantha Tilden/Mackay Tourism/Caters

The hilarious video was filmed at sunrise by marine biologist and tour guide Samantha Tilden, 23, on the picturesque Cape Hillsborough beach in Mackay, Queensland, Australia last week [NOVEMBER 26].

Samantha said she was hosting a tour group at the time who were standing far away from the boisterous beach brawl – but added it was ‘very entertaining’ for everyone to watch. 

She said: “It all happened at sunrise on the beach while I was with a group of tourists. I was managing the crowd and animals to make sure everyone had the best and safest experience possible. 

“We were standing far away from them back on the sand, but we could see what was going on and everyone thought it was really entertaining. 

“The two males stood tall and began fighting with one another. 

PIC FROMSamantha Tilden/Mackay Tourism/Caters

“They had actually fought a for a short while a bit earlier in the morning and during that time they stirred up two of the joeys who also began fighting with each other. 

“One of these joeys is the small wallaby that tried to join in on the fight but got pushed out of the way. 

“This happens quite regularly in kangaroos and wallabies, they often play fight as a way of developing their fighting skills and building muscle.”

Samantha said kangaroos and wallabies had been coming onto Cape Hillsborough beach for over forty years  – and she has even witnessed up to 16 of the marsupials gathering at one time.

 Despite appearing violent, Samantha said that this type of fighting is common and that the wallabies were only playing – but added that the baby wallaby definitely learned his lesson from the incident. 

PIC FROMSamantha Tilden/Mackay Tourism/Caters

She said: “When you can see that it is play fighting there is no need to be concerned for the safety of the animals as they aren’t trying to hurt one another. 

“I do love that it is a little insight into how they interact with each other daily, it’s also a nice display of their strength and how they use their tails when they are fighting.

“The joey definitely would have seen that it was play fighting, and that joey is a brave boy and often picks fights with some of the other males as a way to help develop his skills.

“But I think he probably overestimated his ability there and getting involved wasn’t a good idea for that little one, so it was  definitely a lesson learnt.”