By Sarah Francis

A poor mum broke four teeth and was left with a missing incisor after SLEEPWALKING.

Jamie Reynolds, 27, was shocked when she woke up in severe pain and found pieces of teeth in her mouth.

PIC FROM Jamie Reynolds / Caters News

It turned out the mum-of-one had fallen over and hit her mouth during the night, while still dreaming.

When she realised what had happened she rushed to the dentist who had to extract the front gnasher.

Now the unfortunate mum from Iowa City, Iowa, USA, has lost 10lbs over the last three weeks because she is unable to eat.

PIC FROM Jamie Reynolds / Caters News

Jamie, a student in Theatre Design & Technology, said: “I woke up in pain and felt the bits of teeth in my mouth.

“At first I thought ‘no,no,no this has to be a dream.’

”Then I looked in the mirror and pulled out the teeth from my mouth.

“It was really scary, I am still freaked out by it.

”It’s still sore now and I’m losing weight because I have to eat so slowly.


Jamie, who lives with her partner Kyle and her 9 year old daughter Lily, was visiting friends in March.

On the last night of the trip, her friends spotted her wandering around the house.

She said: “Apparently I came into their room and sat on the end of the bed, but they didn’t want to wake me because you’re not supposed to wake people when they are sleepwalking.

PIC FROM Jamie Reynolds / Caters News – After the tooth was extracted.

“They watched over for me for a bit, but thought I couldn’t do any harm to myself.

“I think that at some point walking around I fell with my mouth closed, because I still had the piece of teeth in my mouth when I woke up.

“I had cut the inside of my lip and had bruising on the inside of my mouth.


Jamie drove back to her home town and went straight to ER where they extracted her incisors. 

As a temporary measure they bonded the tooth to the neighbouring incisor – though she is unable to apply pressure.

 However, the tooth didn’t last long and yesterday (April 6) fell out completely, leaving her with a gap.

PIC FROM Jamie Reynolds / Caters News –  After the operation.

She said: “I was pain the whole way there, it was stinging and shooting pain.

“The whole way home I was telling myself it was going to be fine but it was so much worse, I never thought they would have to extract it.

“They had to seal the cracks in my other teeth, too.

“It burnt really bad and I was crying when they sealed it up.


It could take up to 12 months before Jamie is able to have a permanent fixture such as an implant.

PIC FROM Jamie Reynolds / Caters News

She added: “I had really nice teeth before, I’d never even had bracket so I had idea all of this would cost so much.

“To me and my close friends, you can tell my mouth looks different but my boyfriend has been really supportive and told me I still look beautiful.


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