Animals Video

By David Aspinall

Reed Gatton was out on his dinghy with diving partner Tarney Haussler on November 11 when they were met with the incredible sight.

Out in front of them, the powerful predator stealthily attacks its unlucky prey in a splash of fury, leaving the ocean off Humboldt County, California, USA, to turn red with blood.

Having grabbed its dinner, the shark then goes back underwater with just its fin showing before turning to face the boat.

With Reed and Tarney shocked, the great white makes a beeline for the 16ft Zodiac and disappears underneath them leaving them shouting expletives.

Reed said: “Both of us are very grateful we were able to witness such an incredible spectacle in person and didn’t wind up losing any body parts in the process. 

“After the great white swam under the boat it turned and looked at us.

“We followed it for about five minutes trying to get more footage.  

“I never felt like we were in any danger since we were safely onboard, and the shark was just doing its thing, eating a seal.  

“This was an amazing experience for both of us and we are both looking forward to more ocean adventures in our future.”

Reed believes the great white was between 16 and 18ft long as it was longer than his Zodiac boat, which is 16ft long.

The diver of 14 years said: “We have many shark species in this area but only one that eats marine mammals which made it easy to identify as a Great White.  

“I had only been breathing up for my first dive when I got a tingle on the back of my neck that made me think ‘shark’.

“It had been months since I’d been in the ocean and I told myself I was just psyching myself out.

“That was until I heard Tarney yelling ‘get out of the water there’s a shark’!”  

Despite figuring they had probably spotted something minor, like a fin sticking out of the water, he swam calmly back to the boat and access the situation. 

Reed said: “Once in the boat I came to realize that a great white had just attacked a harbour seal not 50 ft from where we were.

“We both began filming the fatally injured seal, but the shark had dropped back down to wait for it to expire.  

“We than motored the boat over to the man on the jetty and thanked him for alerting us.  

“While we were talking the GW returned to the seal and began to thrash about on the surface as it consumed its prey.  

“I have been diving for abalone and spearfishing since I was 9 years old off the coast of California.  

“Tarney has been diving since she was 14 and this was her first encounter.”