Video Viral

By Andrew Kao

This hilarious video shows a bull dog riding a skateboard.

Captured Jordan Boorman at his home in Georgia, the video show’s Jordan’s prized bulldog Ellie expertly riding a skateboard.

Ellie, a six-year-old English bulldog can be seen gliding along a quiet street without a care in the world.

Jordan said that he’s been doing the stunt since Ellie was a puppy and that the intrepid bulldog has always shown an aptitude for riding the board.

Jordan said: “I put her on a skateboard when she was just a puppy because I had seen other English bulldogs on the internet ride skateboards with ease. She picked up how to do it surprisingly fast and has been riding ever since.”

He added that Ellie try’s to use the board whenever she can and that people are always amazed when they see her.

Jordan said: “The reaction of other people when they see it in real life is priceless.”