By Jamie Smith

This brave scuba photographer risked his limbs to reach out of a cage to snap a huge great white shark while it hunted for fish.

The images were taken by Philippine-born underwater photographer and scuba instructor Jun V Lao, 42, in the Neptune Islands of Southern Australia.

Pic by Jun V Lao/Caters News

While his body was protected by the shark cage, in some of the images Jun can be seen leaning through the bars to snap the deadly fish from the perfect angle.

Jun said: “I was here to see the apex predator of the ocean, a dream of mine.

“A personal encounter with a great white shark is one of the most awesome wildlife encounters you could have.”

Pic by Jun V Lao/Caters News

Joining Jun on this underwater adventure was a group of marine researchers who were trying to tag the majestic creature.

Jun said: “Little did I know there was a marine conversation contingent and several author oceanographers on board.

Pic by Jun V Lao/Caters News

“One of the images shows a great white shark successfully tagged so it can be tracked anywhere on the planet.

“To be able to do this once in my lifetime was outrageously cool.”