Animals Video

By Andrew Kao

 Incredible footage shows a deadly cuttlefish showing off its bright colours, deep in the ocean in the Philippines.

Amisha Gupta, 37, a scuba diving enthusiast, was taking part in a ‘muck dive’ off the coast in Negros Island when he encountered the incredibly poisonous but beautiful cuttlefish.

Speaking about the dive, Amisha said: “the underwater landscape is sandy bottom with very little distraction of coral reefs.

 “The sand gives refuge to the strangest and weirdest underwater creatures like nudibranchs, cuttlefish, octopus and seahorses.

 “Underwater relics like tyres and commodes become part of the underwater landscape and the creatures make it their homes.

“The sword like tongue isn’t known to help it find food but is used to break fish into smaller pieces which are easy to swallow.”