Video Viral

By Harriet Whitehead

A brother and sister filmed the hilarious reaction of their dad after they pranked him by pretending they were going to MICROWAVE the Thanksgiving Turkey.

Video footage captured by Frankie Fardette, 35, shows his dad, also Frank Fardette, on the phone to his daughter Stephanie, 25, who is suggesting rather than deep fry the turkey they should microwave it this year.

An irate Frank, 56, can be seen shouting into the phone ‘Steph for the seventh and eighth time you can’t cook a 25lb turkey in a microwave oven. We’re deep frying the f****** turkey and that’s how it’s going to be. Period.’

When Stephanie protests he continues ‘okay well don’t expect me there. I won’t be coming. I ain’t getting f******* sick. No way.’

The viral video has now been viewed more than three million times on social media.

General sales manager Frankie, 35, from New York, USA, said: “Dad been so excited about deep frying the turkey and my sister realised that so she told him we were going to change the plans and he got so mad. He was really looking forward to that deep fried turkey.

“I walked into the house and he was on the phone to Stephanie. He was going crazy so I quickly started recording him.

“There’s a big thing in the US at the moment of millennials pranking their parents about cooking a turkey in a microwave.

“I thought ‘I’ve got to catch this on video. It’s really good stuff’.

“I shared it to see if people liked it and it got 2.5million views. I had no idea that would happen. I was impressed when it got a thousand.

“The bit were he says ‘period’ is my favourite part of the whole thing and then when he says he’s not coming. It’s so funny.

“He’s such a character. That’s just the way he is, he’s really loud and rowdy. It’s just him.”

The dad-of-two, who filmed the scene on Friday (November 16) said they managed to keep the joke up until the next day.

Frank, 56, said: “My sons and daughter love playing little games with me.

“They set this up and I knew nothing about it. I was going crazy thinking she wants to microwave a turkey.

“I was really looking forward to having it deep fried and Stephanie said ‘dad I’ve seen it on the internet. We’re going to put seasoning on it and microwave it’. I said ‘Steph are you out of your mind?’

“My blood pressure was sky high.

“I went to my mum’s the next day and said ‘ma please tell me you’re not on board with this?’ and she said she was going to try it but she couldn’t keep a straight face and started laughing.

“It was very funny, I’m getting lots of calls from people – family members and friends I’ve not spoken to for years.

“I wasn’t trying to be funny but I’m glad that I brought some happiness to people. If it can put a smile on people’s faces I’m happy for that.”