Life Video

By Josh Saunders

Rodrigo Alves is breaking his vow to quit plastic surgery and has planned procedures including a nose reconstruction with parts of his ear – to help him become an POP STAR.

The London-based former-Celebrity Big Brother star, 36, is defying his promise to stop going under the knife after complaints about his breathing and wanting to hit higher notes to launch his singing career.


This will be the eleventh operation on his nose, which he hopes will help him when releasing his ‘cute and catchy’ dance track in May next year.

While he says there is no comparison for his music’s style, he admits there’s a similarity to the 1997 song ‘Barbie Girl’ from Eurodance group Aqua and hopes it could be a number one hit.

Additionally, he plans to have eyelid surgery, a large square-shaped chin implant removed in favour of a smaller one and liposuction along his jawline from his neck to his ear.

Rodrigo believes this will give him a more pointed face, will stop his head from looking as big and will reduce the look of sagging skin beneath his chin.

Known as the ‘Human Ken Doll’ he has had over half a million pounds on surgeries from rib removals to a ‘fake six pack’ and pec implants, arm fillers, liposuction and more.

Rodrigo said: “When I said I was quitting surgery I said it from the bottom of my heart, but my eyes are drooping again, my skin is getting saggy and most importantly I can’t breathe well.

“For the work on my nose they will have to use cartilage from my ears, before they used part of my ribs.


“They will make my nose more pointed and better, and I won’t struggling with my breathing as much.

“There is a risk for my nose of necrolysis – the decaying of the skin – it will be very complicated, but I can’t live how I currently am forever.”

Aside from the surgery to help his breathing, Rodrigo will continue to ‘freeze the aging process’ with liposuction along his jawline, eye surgery and altering the implant in his chin.

Rodrigo said: “I had my chin done twice, the most recent was with a solid silicone implant.

“It’s a square shape and makes my face look to big so it will be replaced with a smaller one to make my face look thinner.

“The skin around my jawline is saggy, the problem with my chin is just the size of it, it makes me look like I have a big head.


“I’m going to be releasing a single next year, with technology anyone can be a singer, but I want to be number one.

“I struggle to hit the high notes because of my breathing despite having a singing coach, after the procedure I’ll be able to sing better.

“It’s a pop, dance, summer song. I keep singing it because it’s stuck in my head.

“I hope through my song I can make people laugh and smile, that’s what the lyrics are about.

“The song is very catchy and cute, it has a very nice beat, it is uplifting, cool and will be for everyone.

“It’s a fun track, even though it has nothing to do with Aqua’s Barbie Girl song it has a vibe that’s similar to them.

“There is nothing I can compare my song to as I make my own trends and then follow them.”


Rodrigo maintains despite his countless surgeries that he is not addicted to going under the knife because he gets ‘no adrenaline’ from it.

He hopes to keep looking his current age and believes he is unfairly criticised as ‘nobody wants to get older’.

Rodrigo said: “Everyone tries to stop the ageing process. My difference is that I’m not afraid to talk about it.

“I’m no different to anyone else apart from that I talk about it knowing I will be judged.”

Rodrigo who presents on television in Italy and has been seen all over the world, believes his fame puts him under constant pressure to maintain his appearance.

He added: “If I stopped caring about my appearance, people would think I had lost the will to live.”