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By Aliki Kraterou

A grieving hairdresser claims the ghost of her dead mum is HAUNTING her barber’s shop – and she wants the spirit to stick around.

Charlotte YD Hale, 41, was gobsmacked when earlier this year [June 7] she noticed a shadowy figure on her CCTV cameras which she is convinced is mum Yvonne Dorothy, who died eight years ago from an illness.

PIC FROM Caters News

Since then Charlotte, who owns The Barbers in Frodsham, Cheshire, is convinced her dead mother’s spirit has visited her salon again – heralded by the scent of burnt toast.

But despite the hauntings, rarely scared Charlotte insists she will never bring in an exorcist to rid her salon of the ghoul as she likes feeling like her mum is close by – and says her customers are equally welcoming.

Charlotte said: “One particular evening I was checking my cameras and I saw something.

“Instantly I thought ‘oh my Gosh, is that you mummy?’

“I screenshotted it and I knew it was my mummy 100 per cent – I even spoke to it.

PIC FROM Caters News

“As I said ‘mummy?’ she even moved slightly on the screen and then came back.

“It was my mum, there was no doubt at all in my mind, I recognised her from the way she held her head.

“A presence has always been around me in the salon – now I know it was my mum.

“I believe the reason my mum came to the shop is because she wanted to be part of it.”

Charlotte said ever since she lost her mum, who died in her sixties, she has noticed the smell of burnt buttered toast from time to time which she is certain is a sign of her mum.

Convinced the figure in the CCTV image was her mum, Charlotte got in touch with ghost hunters Paranormal Investigations UK.

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They ran some tests which confirmed the authenticity of her screenshot and said they could find no other reasonable explanation for the figure’s presence.

But Charlotte has welcomed the spirit and insisted she’s not scared – instead saying she will encourage her mum to stay put.

She said: “I am not scared at all to know my mum is haunting the salon.

“I am used to having presences around me.

“Mum and I were quite close, so I knew it was her straight away.

“She wanted to show herself to me and see everything I’m doing.

PIC FROM Caters News

“Others have said they can see a little girl but I knew it was my mum as she was small.

“I also have recognised her from the smell I’ve noticed in the barber’s – it was my mum’s smell, which bizarrely enough was burnt buttered toast.

“I read people’s stories and know sometimes people try to see something that isn’t there, but in my case you can really see it.

“My mum was quite an amazing lady and I think it’s great that she came to the shop.

“I am quite a spiritual person and I want her to visit again, the more times the better – I am so lucky.”