Offbeat Video

By Nelson Groom

An Australian farmer who calmly wrangled a deadly sea snake while drinking beers on a fishing trip said he only realised the threat after he went viral.

Jack Hornic, from Dalby in the Darling Downs region of Queensland, was on a fishing trip with mates last Tuesday when he spotted the deadly olive-headed sea snake on the beach.

Rather than fleeing, footage captured the moment Jack used one hand to pluck the snake off the ground and the other to continue drinking his tinny of beer before releasing the sea serpent back into the ocean.

The 20-year-old admitted he didn’t know what species the snake was at the time – and was shocked to learn it was extremely venomous after the story was widely shared on social media.

Jack said: “I wasn’t aware of how deadly he was until after we got home.

“I saw this awareness post about the same type of snake. It was definitely a shock.

“I wasn’t scared at the time because he was a very quiet snake and didn’t seem to bothered that we were saving him.”

The little-known species is inquisitive by nature and has been known to fatally bite divers in the past.

Snakecatcher 24/7’s Stuart McKenzie said handling reptiles should only be left to the professionals.

Stuart said: “This species is highly toxic and must be treated with caution.

“Thankfully they are pretty lethargic, but if they have any go in them things can certainly go wrong.

“They may seem easy to scoop up, but I don’t recommend it. Call a snake catcher to do it for you.”