Video Viral

By Kirstie Sutheran

 A family were left in hysterics at a family dinner when their two young sons stumbled across their gran’s sanitary towels – before mistaking them for PLASTERS.

 Paula Byrne, from Chelmsford, Essex, was left speechless when sons Jenson, three, and Hunter, two, went rummaging through their gran’s handbag and found the sanitary towels.

 Mum-of-three Paula said the family were left with tears of laughter in their eyes when they saw the boys playing doctors with the giant ‘plasters’.

 Paula said: “My brother Elliot and I were stood talking in the kitchen, Jenson and Hunter snuck their fingers into nanny’s handbag and pulled out the sanitary towels.

“We heard ‘shall we play doctors?’ and they were just laughing whilst putting them on their faces.

“Elliot and I looked over and couldn’t stop laughing over their reaction to a sanitary towel, it was so amusing.”

 Paula said that she couldn’t miss the opportunity to video the children’s antics 

She had to tell her sons while the objects were plasters, they were not of the normal kind.

Paula added: “I’ve explained to them that these are plasters for Nanny when she has a sore bum

 “They were more than happy to continue to play along for an hour sticking them on one another

 “This is a video I will be showing them when they’re of age to understand.”