Life Video

By Randal Coombs

This coach had the biggest surprised planned for his girlfriend, when after the game, he bent down on one knee and popped the question.

He started by giving a speech about how important she is in his life while all the team players offered her flowers- and eventually asked he to marry him. 

A very emotional moment for her that clearly surprised her- but she managed to nod ‘yes’. 

Nafis Pickett, 31, WR coach for Lanier HS, proposed to the love of his life, Ashley, after a football game, on November the 2nd. 

The video was taken at the Lanier High School  and all the players, coaches,parents, friends and family were present. 

Coach Nafis said: “Me and Ashley have been together for a year and a month.

“I just had to have my SR WR make sure his speech was together and then the SR parents came up with the idea of giving out roses to her.

“My players, coaches, player parents and friends and family knew. 

“Things have been great- Loving all the love we are getting from everyone and social media”.