Animals Video

By Andrew Kao  

A sea turtle trapped inside a plastic was saved by passing fisherman.

Professional marine artist Carey Chen, 52, spotted the sea creature struggling inside the yellow basket whilst completing in a charity fishing tournament at Casa Vieja Lodge in Guatemala earlier this month [Nov 9].

In her footage, friends Danilo Carmeno and Ridge Murphy can be seen freeing the animal from the basket. 

Carey said: “I saw the yellow basket in the distance which was moving, so I told the captain to turn back.

“As we got closer, I could see a turtle trapped in the basket.”

The plastic can impact Carey’s work, which as a result makes the lodge a more appealing place to complete projects she has. 

Carey explained she sees more and more plastic in the ocean – while Casa Vieja promotes a no-plastic bottle rule, as instead they have visitors fill up thermos’ before heading out to fish. 

Carey added: “I spent a lot of time in the water, their rule saves around eighty thousand bottles a year.”