Animals Video

By Ellie Duncombe


This woman had a close encounter with a curious moose calf in the backyard of her home when he came and sniffed her camera.

Jessica Horton, captured the video on November 5 whilst on her porch watching the infant moose and its mother in Anchorage, Alaska.

She was capturing pictures of the pair who she sees on a regular basis when the intrigued youngster came sniffing towards her looking for food. 

Remaining completely still so she wouldn’t scare the moose, Jessica allowed the moose to come straight up to her and snuffle her camera. 

After sniffing around and checking her out, the moose slowly started walking away after realising there was no food around. 

Jessica, originally from California, said: “I think he was sniffing my phone because he thought it was something to eat and that I looked like a flower to him since I was the only spot of colour in the snowy backyard.

“I think they got used to me being in the yard taking pictures as he seems to approach me more now. 

“I named the mum Millie and the calf Milt. 

“They really seem to like coming here to eat and take a snooze in the sun. 

“After I saw the first cow I knew I was right where I was supposed  to be.”