Life Video


Following a video that emerged last month asking Rami Malik to shoot a video with a fan, a much older video with Ezra Miller agreeing to pose for a video with a fan has emerged.

Xan Black met singer Ezra Miller whilst he was on his way into a Brooklyn concert ahead of a night entertaining fans.

Although Rami refused to take part in a video with Xan, Ezra was more than willing to cooperate, he stood with Xan for a good minute and was happy to interact with a fan.

Speaking about the event, Xan said: “I wanted to meet him before he went in to soundcheck.

“The band have been promoting their North American tour for a while.

“I eventually got tickets to see them later that night and luckily there was only three of us to meet Ezra at the stage door.”

This is a huge contrast to her meeting with the Bohemian Rhapsody star.