By Michael Scott

These amazing images show the moment a brown bear spins herself dry after taking a dip in the river.

The Kodiak bear, thought to be eight years old, can be seen trolling along the edge of the water while hunting for salmon.

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News

Tour operator, Shayne McGuire, captured the shots, which show the bear spinning the water off herself, earlier this year on the remote rivers of Kodiak Island, Alaska.

Shayne from San Dimas, California, admitted she laughed a lot after seeing the pictures of the post-shake off.

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News

She said: “Whenever I shoot any animal drying off, the outtakes will have you laughing hard. The eyes, and ears go all wonky, and make the animal look bizarre or mental.

“She was what I call, a good shaker, some animals, give a few shakes and are done.

“This female made sure she got the full revolving of motion and swirls of water going everywhere.”

Pic by Shayne McGuire/Caters News