By Mike Jones

This little owl looks like he’s walked straight out of Angry Birds as he marches across a rooftop.

Captured by Pete Walkden, 45, a professional wildlife photographer, the owl’s facial expression caught on camera is a real hoot.

PIC BY Pete Walkden / CATERS NEWS 

The little owl decided to run across the rooftop near his home using his wings for balance.

Pete, from Birmingham, runs residential photo tours in Worcestershire, which is where he saw the adult little owl with one of his brood.

PIC BY Pete Walkden / CATERS NEWS 

Pete said: “They’re amusing to watch, and they can run pretty quickly too.

“As the barn roof is corrugated, the owls sometimes trip or stumble as they run, so will open their wings for a bit of balance.

PIC BY Pete Walkden / CATERS NEWS 

“It makes for quite a sight, especially if they’re running towards you.”